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Tumbling 101

Forward/backwards Rolls, Handstands, cartwheels, front walkovers, back walkovers and connecting skills.

Ready, Set, Handspring!

Front handsprings, back handsprings and connecting skills.

Cheer FUNdamentals

This class is designed for athletes who want to learn the basics of Allstar cheer. This includes stunting, jumps, tumbling and more!

High School Stunt & Tumble

This is a class uniquely designed for high school cheerleaders who want to improve their group stunting, partner stunting and tumbling skills. This is a high school class only. All levels are welcome.

Jumps Class

This class is great for any athlete who wants to improve and strengthen their jumps!

Flipping & Spinning

Round Off Back Handspring Layout, Full, and Double Full, Standing Tuck, Front Tuck Step Out, Whips, Standing Series to Tuck, Layout, and Full, Front Handspring Front Tuck, Standing Full,  Other Specialties

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